Three ways to stand out in a scholarship, internship or summer job interview


For many students (and even adults!) interviewing for a scholarship, internship or summer job is nerve-wrecking. What’s the number one tactic for overcoming that nervousness?


As someone who has interviewed hundreds of people over the years — from preparing students for various interviews to interviewing professionals for various leadership roles in my corporate job at a large company — I’ve noticed the same things tend to stand out with a stellar candidate no matter what the interview is for. Here are three of them:

  1. They did their research: They researched about the opportunity they were going after. You’d be surprised how students walk into an interview without running a few Google searches and doing some research on some of the basic facts about the opportunity. Students should know the basics so that they can spend their time in the interview having a deeper conversation.
  2. They’ve practiced their responses: It’s...
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Waitlisted? How to improve the chances of getting accepted.


I remember anxiously waiting during my senior year to receive the decision for my application to Harvard. When it finally arrived, I had a mix of emotions:

I was waitlisted.

After putting in so much hard work into my studies, clubs, and sports, I was deflated and confused. At the time I had wished for either an acceptance or denial (of course, more so the acceptance than the denial) — at least either of those options would give me closure. Being waitlisted meant I would have to continue being in suspense until a decision was made.

But, then I realized being waitlisted meant I had a fighting chance of still getting in.

If a student has been waitlisted by one of their top choice schools and has accomplished something noteworthy since submitting their application, sending an update letter or essay can help improve their chances of moving off the waitlist. Here are three things a student can do:

  1. Find out the process for submitting an update: When sending out waitlist...
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Three Reasons Why You Were Rejected by a “Safety School” and What You Can Do About It


Throughout the months of March and April, students across the country are repeatedly clicking “refresh” on college admissions websites, anxiously awaiting the outcome of three and a half years of hard work in high school.

While most will be preoccupied with whether or not they’ll get into their dream school, many will be shocked to receive something completely unexpected: a rejection from a safety school — a school assumed to be easy to get into.

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed parents in online forums sharing how upset their kids are about these rejections and seeking reasons why this could possibly happen.

Once a student gets rejected by a safety school, they may feel completely devastated. Here are three reasons that might help explain what may have gone wrong:

  1. Underestimating the competition: While grades and test scores aren’t everything, they make up two of the most important parts of a college application. A...
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