Apply to college with confidence

I help students find their passions through creating a signature project and telling their story in a compelling college application essay.

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Our children have so much potential and we worry that they won’t live up to it.

Our children deserve a chance to identify what their passions are and learn to write about them in a way that stands out when applying to their ideal colleges.

Download The College Prep Checklist

Your child can identify their passion & get into a college program that cultivates it.

Gain clarity on goals

Your child will know what they’re passionate about and wake up each day with a clear purpose.

Focus on the right things

Your child will know what high school classes to take and extracurriculars to focus on to set them up for success.

Have a plan

Your child will know what colleges to apply to where they can flourish.

As a parent, I know what it's like to feel worried about our children’s success.

After getting into competitive colleges like Yale, Johns Hopkins and UCLA, being a member of the UC Berkeley admissions team, and working with students in different countries over the past decade with getting into their ideal colleges, I know that the keys to getting accepted are demonstrating passion in a topic and having clarity on goals for the future. That's why I created The Young Professionista to help students identify their passions and get into the ideal colleges for them.

How I help students get into their ideal college

Design Your Impact: group program

In this 3-month program, students will learn how to design a unique passion project that develops their strengths, makes an impact and helps them stand out in college applications.

College Application Essay Workshop

In this two-day workshop, students go from having no idea what to write to completing a compelling essay that showcases their leadership, growth and unique story.

College Admissions Review Simulation

In this highly interactive virtual workshop, participants will get to play the role of an admissions officer as we go step-by-step through a holistic review of a hypothetical student's application.  

How it works

1. Pick a program

2. Join a group of inspiring peers

3. Stand out on applications

Stop seeing your child stressed about their future and confused about how to stand out on college applications.

Many students struggle to identify their ideal college. I work with them to find their passions and write compelling application essays so they can apply to the college of their dreams with confidence.

Download The College Prep Checklist for students in grades 9th-12th.

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