I'm about to help your ambitious child get into their dream school.

Right now you’re tired of the endless searches online, frustrated with the unhelpful advice from overworked high school counselors and dread the feeling that you’re adding even more stress to your already busy child.

You find yourself worrying if your child is taking the right classes or in the right extracurricular activities, worrying about the cost of college and worrying if your child will live up to their full potential.

You want to get rid of the guesswork, rid of the overwhelm and rid of the intense bickering you’ve been having with your child over each detail of the college application process.

Ever find yourself wondering, “There must be a better way?”

You wish that all the most helpful information existed in one place, you wish your child was organized with every detail of the process and you wish you had a way of knowing everything was getting done the right way.

You dream about your child getting into a great school, landing a high-paying job they love and thoroughly enjoying these precious few years at home with you before they leave for college.

My name is Mary Grace.

I’m a college admissions and career coach for high potential students who want to save time, be knowledgeable, and have a clear plan for getting into college.

As a college admissions and career coach with over ten years of experience helping students apply to colleges using what I’ve learned as part of the admissions council for one of the top universities in the United States combined with what I did to get accepted into top tier schools, I help the children of busy parents like you:

  • Get clear on what classes they need to take to be a competitive applicant and stand out in a sea of many
  •  Create timelines and checklists to meet all deadlines without the stress
  • Understand what test scores and grades are necessary to get into their top choice schools
  • Find and apply for scholarships that will help them graduate without crippling debt
  • Secure strong letters of recommendation from teachers and mentors in order to convince their dream school why they should be accepted
  • Write compelling college application essays that highlight their strengths and showcase why they are a top choice student
  • Prepare for college interviews by reviewing the most frequently asked questions, sharing top tips to prepare for the unexpected and developing confident responses to even the toughest questions

I believe that each child can get into a great college — the real challenge is in understanding the path to get there.

Because when you use a proven system that guides you each step of the way, your child will feel more confident, make informed choices about their future and know exactly what it takes to get into their dream school.

When your child works with me, they’ll get access to everything I know about the best classes to take, what extracurricular activities stand out and what admissions teams are looking for. I’ll share the exact steps I took to get accepted to schools like Yale, Johns Hopkins and UCLA — and insider tips from my time on the admissions committee for one of the top schools in the nation.

As we work together, I’ll encourage your child to figure out what colleges would be the best fit for them, show them how to build a competitive high school resume and give them as much tough feedback as they need to stay on track and maximize their potential.

By the time our work together is done, your child will know what schools and scholarships to apply to, how to write a compelling application essay and how to earn a stack of letters of recommendation that glow with praise.

If you want to make sure your child is on track in preparing for college (and start reclaiming your sanity), download my free college prep checklist today.

Keep track of everything a student needs to do from 9th through 12th grade to get ready for college.

Download my free college prep checklist and stay on track.


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