The College Application Essay Training

Self-study Edition

For students who are too busy to attend a live essay workshop, I designed a self-study program that will teach your child the strategies they need to write a strong college application essay. They'll get the exact same core content and worksheets students in the live class receive, but they'll have the flexibility to watch the recorded modules on their own schedule.

Purchasing this self-study edition gives you access to the materials and training for 30 days. Let's eliminate the temptation to procrastinate on getting those essays done. 

What's covered in the course?

Module 1: Organize and brainstorm

In this module, your child will learn:

What the essay prompt is REALLY asking for (it’s definitely not what you might think)

How to organize all the essays they have to write so that they can use one essay for multiple applications without sounding generic

How to brainstorm the best topics that showcase their unique accomplishments

Module 2: Why should they accept you?

In this module, your child will learn:

How to write their “why” (Why this school? Why this major? Why this career path?)

How to describe why the college of their dreams should pick them….in ONE sentence (you can use this in college interviews, too!)

How to create an organized outline that will make writing their essay a breeze

Module Three: Craft a winning essay

In this module, your child will learn:

Exactly what colleges are looking for in an essay and the things that drive them crazy

How to overcome procrastination and get the first draft of their essay done using fun and simple ways to stay on track

How to turn their outline into an essay the college admissions team can’t resist

Module Four: Polish your essay

In this module, your child will learn:

How to revise their draft into an essay they’re proud of using tactics they can repeat again and again

How to eliminate meaningless fluff, deliver concise messages that make an impact, and stay within the word count limit

How to finalize their essay so that it is grammatically error free

One payment of $497

As a college admissions and career coach, I help your child stand out from the crowd and increase their chances of getting into their dream school.

After getting accepted into the nation’s most competitive universities like UCLA, Yale and Johns Hopkins, working with students over the past 10 years, and spending time on the admissions team for University of California, Berkeley, I know exactly what it takes for your child to stand out from thousands of other students.

Using everything I’ve learned from reading hundreds of college applications, I take your child step by step through the application essay writing process.

When your child submits their college applications, you want to be sure their essays are compelling, highlights their strengths and grabs the attention of the admissions committee.

You child has a hectic schedule. You want them to understand what colleges are looking for, know exactly what to write, and not get overwhelmed by the process.

Simply put, you want to see your child succeed.

After reading hundreds of college applications as an admissions committee member and helping dozens of students prepare for college, I know

  • You’re invested in your child’s success through tutoring, test prep and summer programs with the hopes that it will increase their chances of getting into a good college.
  • You have to stay on top of things to make sure your child gets good grades and strong test scores while still having time for friends and family.
  • You want to be supportive of your child and will do whatever it takes to ensure their success even when your child tries to fight it.
  • You’re tired of feeling like you have to tip-toe around whenever you talk about applying to college in order to avoid an explosive reaction from your child.
  • You worry that there’s a chance that your child won’t get into their top choice school and land a great job once they graduate.

If this sounds like your past year as a parent, you are in the right place. Nearly all parents of high-school students heading towards graduation feel the same way. During these last few months, with your child living at home before heading to college, the decisions you make now will impact the course of their lives forever.

After dedicating years to making sure your child has what they need to be successful as an adult, you find yourself perplexed that your child wants to push back on your attempts to be helpful as they prepare to apply for college. Simple questions like, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or “Which schools are you applying to?” are sometimes enough to trigger your child into a stressed-out mess.

You know that your child has the potential to be whatever they want to be, so you do whatever it takes to help them live up to that potential. Even if it means sacrificing your own time so your child becomes your top priority.

The truth is, you’re no longer sure how to best help them get into their dream school, but you want to make sure they have every chance possible.


I’m Mary Grace Gardner and I help hard working students get into a great college, land a successful career and make a positive difference in the world.

I know you’ve already tried to do it on your own: searched “how to apply to college” on Google, coerced your child to meet with the high-school counselor, and asked your network of friends and family for advice.

But, you’re not sure what to do with this information overload. And, you want your child to be directly guided through the steps without you getting caught in between the best information out there and improving your child’s chances of getting into their dream school.

Not only are you already super busy, but you know it’s critical for your child to go through these steps themselves and learn how to be more independent before heading off to college.

Your child might even insist that they can figure it out on their own. But, each time you ask about their progress, they still have so much left to do.

When you suggest topics they can write about in their college admissions essays, they give you that apathetic look and deliver that audible sigh that annoys you to know end — and terrifies you.

So, you find yourself anxiously letting time go by as that college application checklist continues to grow.

So, what does your child need to secure that competitive edge in the college application process?

A step-by-step guide that is customized to their needs.

When your child knows exactly which steps to take in a realistic timeline, they’ll be less overwhelmed and less intimidated by the process.

And when they get a head start on writing stunning college application essays, it leaves more time to focus on school, extracurricular activities and other important steps in the college application process.

Most importantly, they’ll also get a chance to enjoy precious family time during their final year at home before leaving for college.

While I won't be reviewing your child's essay with this self-study option, they'll learn the strategies they need to write a great essay.

Close your eyes and imagine:

  • Watching your child excitedly call their grandparents to tell them they got into their top choice college;
  • Sharing with your friends the list of colleges your child was accepted to;
  • Seeing your child’s confidence boost as they realize they can achieve whatever they set their mind to;
  • Hearing the incredible educational experiences your child will have at the college of their choosing;
  • Feeling a sense of relief knowing your child is on track to get a degree at a great school and land a job!

These results can be within your reach if you’re ready to invest the time and energy now to reap the rewards in the near future.

I know how much is on the line. I’m so thankful my parents gave me the support I needed in high school. I give them credit for the for the great colleges I got accepted to, the networks I created and the dream job I landed afterward. Being able to graduate debt-free on my own, buy a car and home shortly after college, and live a life I love was all possible thanks to their investment in me.

I know you want the same for your child. If you are ready to take action — to stop guessing what your child should do to increase their chances of getting into their dream school.


One payment of $497


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